Author's Purpose
& Point of View
Introduce the Concept

What is Author's Purpose and Point of View?
The author’s purpose is the REASON why the story or article was written. Is the purpose to entertain,
inform, or persuade?

The Author’s Point of View is how the author FEELS about the topic and events in the writing. Are they
angry, disappointed, sorrowful, or maybe delighted, enthusiastic, or empathetic?

Why is Author's Purpose and Point of View an important reading strategy?
Understanding the author’s purpose will help you identify the main idea and most important details.  
To Entertain:  Characters, setting, problem, events, solution
To Inform:  Who, Where, When, What, Why, How
To Persuade: Audience, point of view, supporting reasons

How do we find Author’s Purpose and Point of View to help us understand what we are reading?
As you read ask yourself, Why do you think the author wrote this? (Remember an author MAY have more
than one purpose for writing)

Look for clues to help understand how the author is feeling and what their point of view is.  Compare your
feelings and point of view with the author’s.  Do you feel the same or differently?
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