Draw Conclusions
Introduce the Concept

What does it mean to Draw Conclusions?
Many times the author uses description and gives hints instead of giving away too much information.  This
makes the story more exciting and interesting.  

The reader needs to "draw a conclusion" about what the author means.  When we draw a conclusion, we
take clues the author has given us and use what we already know from our own experiences to help us
understand what is happening in the story.

Why is Drawing Conclusions an important reading strategy?
Drawing Conclusions is very important in understanding what is happening in a story.  For example, many
times an author will describe story elements, rather than directly telling you where, when, who, and so
forth.  We need to draw conclusions in order to understand the important parts of the story.

How do we draw conclusions to help us understand what we are reading?
As you read, think about the characters, setting, problem, plot, and solution.  
Did the author give you any clues to think about?  

Use the story clues and what you already know from your own experiences (prior knowledge)
to draw a conclusion about what is happening in the story.
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