Fact and Opinion
Introduce the Concept

What is Fact and Opinion?
A FACT is a statement that can be proven true.  
It can also be a statement that is common knowledge from life experience.

An OPINION is a statement that is based on someone’s beliefs or feelings.

Why is Fact and Opinion an important reading strategy?
It is important to be able to identify facts from opinions so that we are able to understand what is real
from what is someone’s point of view or thought.

How do we identify Facts and Opinions to help us understand what we are reading?
Facts are true statements that give us information about the topic or main idea.
Opinions will have clue words or phrases that will tell us that the statement is someone’s feeling or

Look for opinion words such as “think” or “thought”

Look for words that describe a feeling or belief such as
pretty, difficult, confusing, exciting, the best, and  the worst

Look for opinion comparison words such as better than, smarter than…
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