Make Predictions
Introduce the Concept

What is a Prediction?
Predictions are thoughts about what you think will happen in a story before you read.  
A prediction is more than just a guess.  
It should make sense with the clues you have been given.

Why is making a prediction an important reading strategy?
It helps us to focus on what we are reading about.
It helps us make connections about what we already know to what we think we know.
It gets us excited about what we are reading.

How do we make Predictions to help us understand what we are reading?
Before you begin reading preview the title, table of contents, and pictures.
Ask yourself:
“Does this remind me of any experiences in my life?”
“Does this remind me of other books I have read?”
“Have I read or heard something like this before?”

As you are reading, look for clues that will lead you to make a good prediction.
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