Sequence of Events
Introduce the Concept

What does Sequence of Events mean?
The word "sequence" means to put something in order from first to last.
Sequence of events in a story is the order in which the events happen.

Why is Sequence of Events an important reading strategy?
Knowing the sequence of events in a story helps us to picture what is happening and when.  It helps
make the story clear and easy to follow.  When events are not in order, the story becomes blurry and
hard to follow.  

We also use sequence of events to understand how to do daily activities like following a list of directions
when cooking or building something.

How do we use sequence of events to help us understand what we are reading?
As you read, ask yourself, "What happened first?  What happened next?"

Look for sequence words such as:  first, next, before, after, then, and finally

Picture the story in your mind as you are reading.  
Think about what the character did first, second, and so forth.
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