Text Features
Introduce the Concept

What are Text Features?
Text Features are parts of a book that stand out from the rest of the text.  
Authors use text features to bring attention to important details.

Some common text features found in books are Table of Contents, Glossary, Index, Bold Words,
Headings and Titles, Maps, Diagrams, Illustrations, and Charts.

Why is Understanding Text Features an important reading strategy?
Text Features help us to identify the big ideas and topics that the author is focusing on.  Visual text
features such as maps and charts help to support the information the author presents in the text.

How do we use text features to help us understand what we are reading?
Before reading, preview the kinds of text features throughout the book.  
Think about what the big ideas the author wants you to remember.
Make sure to read captions, labels and sidebars to help understand the visual aids the author has
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